Thursday, 18 January 2018

New video about our Trans-Atlantic Expedition!

Preparations are in full swing for another incredible adventure by Beech and Balloon!

Watch this film documentary edited by Adelaide Alce to relive the excitement of our Trans-Atlantic expedition:

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

'ON THE BEECH' in the Caribbean - new plans, new adventures ahead!



At last we should be living up to our aircraft's 'nose art' when we hopefully reach the Caribbean islands in March/April 2018. 

The route includes some of Latin America after an initial stretch down the US east coast via New York and Kittyhawk.

 South African friends and pilots John Herbert and Flippie Vermeulen will be sharing the flying and we are very much looking forward to meeting them again. Please note that this time, due to the much shorter sectors, we  should have at least one spare seat for anyone who would like to join us and share direct costs.

 Meanwhile the Beech will be prepared by ever-supportive engineer Roger Shepherd assisted by Chris Jacobs of Central Aero, Canada

Start date is set for 20 March departure from Hangar J at friendly Edenvale AirportOntario. we pick up our lightweight Cameron O-56 balloon from winter storage with Brian Boland in New Hampshire before heading south. These are two potential routings prepared by John Herbert.

Watch this space!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Ciel et Terre publication

I am very sorry for not having updated this blog for such a long time, but I have been exploring the remoter corners of Mongolia and Burma by balloon over the last weeks and months whilst Phil has been briefly back to the UK and to Germany to attend an important EASA meeting in Cologne.

Besides our current jobs as pilots and examiners/inspectors for Oriental Ballooning, the team - together with our pilots John Herbert and Flippie Vermeulen and engineer Roger Shepherd - is working hard to prepare for another epic 'On the Beech' adventure! Will post more about the new itinerary and ideas in the next message.

 For now, please enjoy reading an article by Bernard Fore which was published in the French magazine 'Ciel et Terre'.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Article of our Trans-Atlantic in the British Women Pilots' Association (BWPA) newsletter

NEW: article in the British Women Pilots' Association  (BWPA) newsletter!

With the weather continuing to be either too wet or too windy or too something else to fly our balloons here in Bagan, Myanmar, I am delighted to read the latest edition of the BWPA's newsletter which includes a report on the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, flights in a Tigermoth in Cambridge and many other interesting aviation events.

For more info on the BWPA please see their website at:! And if you are interested in meeting like-minded women (and men!) then why not join up??

The other news so far are that Phil arrived here in Bagan a few days ago to do our inspections and check flights and that we are both still working on next year's plans to join the Ushuaia2USA rally. 

Keep fingers crossed that we can get our lovely bird in the air again in March 2018!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Aerostat article with a feature about our 'On the Beech' adventure is out!

The latest edition (Oct 17)  of the British Balloon and Airship (BBAC) club's world-wide magazine 'Aerostat' features this report on our epic journey! Enjoy reading it here - or even better - become a member and receive the printed copy of it! Thank you Richard Wiles for compiling the article and to all photographic contributors. I hope you enjoy the read!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

New model of our Beech 18 G-BKGM soon to be released!


Oxford Diecast Twin Beech G-BKGM - Bristol Airways

Product Code: 72BE001

In the Oxford Development Programme

For release at a future date. We will notify you when this product becomes available.

Model Aircraft based on the Twin Beech G-BKGM - Bristol Airways 1:72 Scale

Get your order in before they sell out!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Vintage Air Rally 2018!

Hi everybody,

sorry that it's been a while since I last updated this blog but we haven't been just sitting around doing nothing. In contrary the team as been busy flying and - in Phil's part - organizing the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta mid August which was a success with around 130 balloons taking off during four slots from Bristol's Ashton Court.
Allie at the controls of a gyrocopter in Mongolia
Then Allie took G-CEFS on an expedition trip to Mongolia with her ballon G-CEFS and exploring new corners of this wonderful upcoming country, whilst Phil took to the skies with his mate Pete Bish to fly up north to Abbots Bromley in G-BIAP (a Piper PA 16 clipper) and to attend the LAA fly-in at Sywell early September.

We are now reunited for a short time before Allie heads out to Burma on the 28th of Sept for work as a balloon pilot during the winter. Phil will join her mid Oct for a period of time.

In the meantime though the team has been working hard to organize the second sector of the 'On the Beech' round-the-world tour linking up once more with vintage air rally organizer Sam Rutherford. Sam's new plans include a crazy Ushuaia2USA tour starting in March including several vintage aircraft from all over the world and covering most of South-and Central America finishing in Miami! 

Please see his website at: Vintage air rally 2018

We hope to be part of this incredible journey - so watch this space!

In the meantime Mark Albery (pilot with Rogier in the RV) has published a great article about our joint Trans-Atlantic Tour in the 'Flyer' Magazine. Check it out here and even better get yourself a copy of the magazine in the shops right now before it's sold out:

Who knows, but maybe next year you might be able to read another story about the Beech and the balloon making history in countries such as Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Cuba and finally the USA?

Last but not least, I cannot refrain from posting some photos from Mongolia. It's a beautiful country with wonderful people and great for flying balloons, aeroplanes and gyrocopters, so come and join me there next year!

balloon launch

shaddow of balloon over ger camp

flying over amazing rock formations
Interview with Mongolia TV presenter Grace Brown

G-CEFS flying in Mongolia

camels roaming the steppes...

Flying with pilot Alexandr Amir over the Ghenggis Khan monument

horse man with his lasso

happy balloon team after landing

beautiful temples...

and stunning scenery at remote lake Khosvsgol